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The Earring

The earring is one of the oldest known body modifications. The ear piercing, with artistic and written references from cultures around the world dating back to early history. All of them were handmade.

Why earrings are important?

You can define a style just changing a pair of earrings together with the hairstyle. Not only they are a very interest accessory that attract compliments, but they also to define facial features.

Are Earrings exclusive for women?

Both sexes wear earrings, although it is more common among women. Equally many different civilizations used them in different times.
The simple term “ear piercing” usually refers to an earlobe piercing, whereas piercings in the upper part of the external ear  refers to as “cartilage piercings”.

Modern standard pierced earrings

Their components may be made of any number of materials, including metal, plastic, glass, precious stone, beads, wood, bone, and other materials. As well as designs range from small loops and studs to large plates and dangling items. The size is ultimately limited by the physical capacity of the earlobe to hold the earring without tearing. However, heavy earrings worn over extended periods of time may lead to stretching of the earlobe and the piercing.


Statement Earring

Statement are “Earrings which invite attention from others by demonstrating bold, original, and unique designs with innovative construction and material combinations”

Stud Earring

The main characteristic of stud is the appearance of floating on the ear or earlobe without a visible (from the front) point of connection. Studs construction is invariably on the end of a post, which penetrates straight through the ear or earlobe. A removable friction back or clutch hold the post in place .

Normally they features a gemstone or other ornament mounted on a narrow post. It passes through a piercing in the ear or earlobe, and a fixture on the other side hold it in place. Sometimes the jeweler threads the post then it allow a back screw to hold the earring in place securely. This configuration prevents the loss of expensive earrings containing precious stones, or made of precious metals.

Hoop Earring

Their design is circular or semi-circular and they look very similar to a ring as well as generally come in the form of a hoop of metal. You can open it  to pass it through the ear piercing.

Drop Earring

A drop earring attaches to the earlobe and features a gemstone or ornament that dangles down from a chain, hoop, or similar object. The length of these ornaments vary from the very short to the extravagantly long. We also know them as droplet earrings, dangle earrings, or pendant earrings. They also include chandelier earrings, which branch out into elaborate, multi-level pendants.

Dangle Earring

Jewelers design them to flow from the bottoms of the earlobes. In like manner they are available in various lengths from a centimeter or two, all the way to brushing the shoulders.

They generally attach to the ear using thin wires, which go through the earlobe and connect to themselves in a small hook at the back. There is a variation known as French hook design. It hangs from the earlobe without closure, although we can use small plastic retainers on its ends. Rarely, dangle earrings use the post attachment design.

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Barbell Earring

They  get their name from their resemblance to a barbell, generally coming in the form of a metal bar with an orb on either end. We fix one of these orbs in place, while the other is detachable to allow the barbell insertion into a piercing. Several variations on this basic design exist. These includes barbells with curves or angles in the bar of the earring.

Huggy Earring

Huggies are a popular style that snugly encircle the earlobe. These can come in different shapes and sizes, from hearts to rectangles. Many custom jewelers make huggy because of the many varieties of setting. The artisans use them to make a good template for their craft.

Ear Thread Earring

Or Earthreader, Ear String, Threader, a chain that is thin enough to slip into the ear hole, and come back out, dangles. Sometimes, people add beads or other materials onto the chain. So the chain dangles with beads below the ear.

Ear Spike Earring

A type of plastic stick 1 mm in diameter and 1.5 cm long that goes into the ear piercing. It does not fall out because it is slightly bigger than the piercing. It is quite popular amongst teenage and preteen girls in Hong Kong, as most schools do not allow stud earrings.

Body piercing jewelry

Body piercing jewelry is often used for ear piercings. Within the variety of reasons people choose this style is the availability of larger gauges, better piercing techniques, and a disdain for mainstream jewelry.

Captive bead rings

Often abbreviated as CBRs and sometimes called ball closure rings, are a style of body piercing jewelry that is an almost 360° ring with a small gap for insertion through the ear. The gap is closed with a small bead that is held in place by the ring’s tension. Larger gauge ball closure rings exhibit considerable tension, and may require ring expanding pliers for insertion and removal of the bead.


A thin, straight metal rod with a bead permanently fixed to one end compose this earring. The other end is threaded, either externally or tapped with an internal thread, and the other bead is screwed into place after the barbell is inserted through the ear. Since the threads on externally threaded barbells tend to irritate the piercing, internal threads have become the most common variety.

Circular Barbells

Are similar to ball-closure rings, except that they have a larger gap, and have a permanently attached bead at one end, and a threaded bead at the other, like barbells. This allows for much easier insertion and removal than with ball closure rings, but at the loss of a continuous look.


Earplugs are short cylindrical pieces of jewelry. Some plugs have flared ends to hold them in place, others require small elastic rubber rings (O-rings) to keep them from falling out. People usually use large-gauge piercings.

Flesh tunnels

Also known as eyelets or Bullet Holes, are similar to plugs. However, they are hollow in the middle. But flesh tunnels are most commonly used in larger gauge piercings. Either because weight is a concern to the wearer or for aesthetic reasons.

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