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Hair accessories: Details on your hair

We want to cover every single detail on your outfit and the hair accessories are an important one. Whether you choose to wear a headdress or not, you may want to add sparkly crystals to your hairdo, and we are happy to design wedding hair accessories especially for you. We have focused on hair pins, head pieces, barrettes and hair combs. But remember we love custom orders!

Less is more

Every woman starts her wedding planning thinking about “the dress”, and we
want THE dream dress, right? And then we plan the shoes, the jewelry, the hair
accessory and the clutch bag around it.
Now, how many wedding stores have well-trained staff to give us a hand and
helps us remember every last detail?
We strive to help the bride see the whole picture, how every detail matches and
works with the rest of the outfit.

Types of hair accessories


It is a metal band shaped like half a circle and decorated with many different materials or pieces. For this reason,  women use it on her head at formal social occasions, like weddings.


In the same way than tiara, It is a narrow strip of material worn around the head, it usually  keeps your hair out of your eyes. But the differences with tiara is the core material, costs and hairstyles.

Headbands are made with soft materials instead of metal. That is why it reduces the costs but you cannot use it in the same kind of hairstyles than tiara.


We use a piece of material with tooth to maintain hair in its place. As well as other hair accessories, it could be decorated with different pieces, stones or materials.

Hair pins

These are thin U-shaped metal and they hold the hair in place too. Sometimes, the hairdresser elaborate a hairstyle keeping them beneath hair as well as they ornament the hairstyle with a small detail. Specially, when there are too many accesories fighting for standing out.


These are ornamental coverings or bands as well as headbands. Main difference between them, is size. Usually, haidresses are big and the decoration should be flowers, feathers and cloths.

More about Ileana Elfi

Hello, my name is Ileana and I design and create handmade crystal accessories with the worldwide-known Swarovski. I love making jewelry for special occasions for you or someone you love. These are pieces which you will love to wear as much as I have enjoyed making them!

If you want something just made for you, you prefer another crystal color or you need more units than available at the listing, please contact me and I will do my best to make you happy!

You are welcome to follow us on Instagram and Facebook! Here, you can check our latest designs or you can also share your own picture showing off how our jewelry looked on you!

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