About me

Handmade Jewelry and me

Handmade jewelry is what I love to design and create, I made my pasion a full time job …Hello! My name is Ileana.
I’ve originally started creating handmade clay jewelry, a few years ago. After
some years doing that, I’ve decided to perfect the art of welding which is
something I already knew how to do and launched my crystal jewelry collection on Etsy. And that took me where I am today.

Funnily enough, I studied to become an Optician. That gave me the skills to weld metals, work and model glass and many different materials and designs. But that was my daily job and I was looking for an outlet to release the stress.
One day, a customer came to my optical store and asked me for a favor: She had a pendant from her mother which was broken. She asked me to repair the pendant as I had repaired her prescription glasses.

That day I began to find my jewelry inspiration in different places: famous high ends designers, jewelry ads, jewelry shops, and many other sources.

Once I have immersed myself in the world of online jewels, I had the opportunity to create a unique pair of earrings for my best friend’s wedding. She not only loved them, but also I have received so many compliments on the materials and the design. From that moment, I have received many requests for that one of a kind design for brides.
I know that brides are looking for something really special to wear on their wedding day, and I am here to help them make that dream a reality.

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