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Winter Dress options you must consider

wedding dress
Okay, we’d not be telling the truth if we said that the process of selecting a bridal dress wasn’t one of our favorite parts of planning a wedding, but can you blame us?
As fashion lovers, we know how important your outfit is as it reflects your personality. That said, taking care on the season, there are always some styles the add more up than others. If you’re getting married in the winter, we recommend considering a long-sleeve wedding dress for your walk to the altar.
Don’t misunderstand—a strapless sweetheart neckline will always be classic, but seriously speaking, a long-sleeve wedding dress will not only keep you warm during your nuptials but always be timeless as well. From amazing lace details to simple sleeves , you truly can’t go wrong here.
Are you with us? We brought together our favorite long-sleeve wedding gowns that are as special and you’ll feel during your walk down the aisle.
Shop them all below.
wedding dress
wedding dress
This is just great bridal gown.
wedding dress
This winter dress will make a statement.
wedding dress
Simple and chic wedding dress.
wedding dress
This dress is just so pretty. Made by Navi Blue Bridal
wedding dress
This is so special. Made by Svletana Bridal Couture
The perfect matching jewelry for a long sleeve dress are back drop necklaces. Specially if you can personalize them.
wedding dress
Minimalism done right. Take a look here
wedding dress
You can’t go wrong with this one.
wedding dress
How good are these tiered layeres? Created by @ruedeseinebridal
wedding dress wedding dress
Turn heads in this gown.
wedding dress
Such a lovely gwon design.

Have you liked any of them? I want to know your favourite.

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Handmade wedding jewelry

Handmade wedding jewelry, how to do the righ choice?

You would like to use jewelry specially handmade for you on your wedding day? Or you are planning to use your grandmother’s necklace but when it come to the rest of your jewelry, you can’t find nothing to match.  It seems like you need help with your wedding accessories!

Handmade vs. Mass Production

First of all,  let’s talk about the difference between the methods of jewelry productions, and their advantages and disadvantages. As well as in other industries, we have three different ways of making jewelryMass production, made to order (MTO), Custom Made orders.

Depending on the final product features and its use, there are more or less efficient ways to produce them.

Mass production jewelry

Mass production implies that we are making a big amount of items with identical characteristics. This allows us to organize processes in a way that keep costs as low as possible.

In this way, we are going to obtain many repeated items to a lower prices. For example, the cost of plating one item with gold, is not the same as plating one hundred. When plating one hundred, the price per item will go down.

Mass produced bracelets of different colors
Mass produced bracelets of different colors

The main advantage is the cost reduction and, of course, the final price for the customer. In the other hand, we have to manage stock quantity, find a place to store it, and find a lot of customers who would want to wear the same article as the person next to them is wearing.

In the jewelry industry, mass production may be applied to casual or everyday jewelry. It is also known that big companies use this process in order to reduce the costs as well as supply to the worldwide demand.

Handmade Jewelry

Small companies, and many artisans, use the Made to Order (MTO) method. This way, the article is handmade once the costumer has bought the jewelry.

The main advantage of this method is the possibility to customize products’ features according to the customer need, simply because they are not made yet (metal finishing, stones color, length of the chain, etc). Having said this, the disadvantage of this method would be that the customer has to wait longer to receive the article.

Custom Orders

Now, Custom Made Orders are those that are exclusively made with customer requirements. Design is done just once, for that customer and for that occasion (weddings, events, proms). Normally it is not done again after that. The customer is going to take every decision about the design, the size, the color, and the overall look.

Sometimes this method implies modifications to existing items in order to adjust it to the customer’s needs.

Custom order of handmade jewerly for a wedding
Custom order of handmade jewerly for a wedding

With this method, we are going to obtain the highest level of personalization. Plus the possibility to adjust almost every detail for the occasion. A classic example is weddings, where we can make shoes embellishments, matching earrings, or handbags. It is also a lovely idea to match any jewelry piece with that family necklace you want to wear in your special day.

For those like us who design and produce jewelry, this method allows to use all of our imagination and give us freedom to design a certain item.

Custom made vs Made to Order

At Ileana Elfi, we like to work as close to the customer as we can. For this reason, we choose made to order method and custom orders method as our preferred methods when it comes to wedding jewelry. Because your special day calls for special handmade accessories.

In every item available in our shop, you have the option of choosing crystal colors, metal finishing or chain length before checking out. No matter if is for daily use or you are looking to buy something for a formal event. You will have these options. Therefore, you must choose options and make the order selecting the different variations for each one. In case you do not find what you are looking for, just let us know sending us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We made things easy

Furthermore, you can contact us through the “custom order form . Let us know what is in your mind for your dream piece of jewelry. (Please keep in mind that a custom made order has a longer processing time).

The custom order option is the best one if you’d like to have a really special article made for you. Something you are not going to find at any store and also no other person will be wearing it. It will be an exclusive piece made for you.

Also, custom order will allow you to match the jewelry to other accessories of your outfit. This includes dress embellishment, details and colors, shoes and bags (we can make shoes accessories matching your clutch bag or jewelry), a hair accessory, and so on.

Additionally you can think about all of the details as a whole set and request a custom order for everything.

How to request a custom order on Ileana Elfi

It is really easy to make a custom order in our site. Just look for the custom order option on the Shop menu. Complete the contact form you will find in there. You can tell us a general idea or a very specific idea of what you are thinking of having made. Then, we will contact you through email. We will ask you some questions related to what you’d like. We are going to guide you through it regarding price, design, size and so on. Normally, it will be questions about the color of your outfit, the complementary jewelry, shoes, haircut, etc. The more information you can give, the better!

After we finalize all the details, we will make your custom product.

We are always happy to receive custom orders requests. We really like to be part of special moments.

And you will make us happier if you share your beautiful moments with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Clutch bags, must have accessories for special events

Clutch bags for special occasions

Not all handbags are ideal for a wedding or party look; to wear a beautiful dress and combine it with a large shoulder bag is a big mistake that we should avoid.

You shouldn’t carry a huge handbag all the time on your shoulder just to keep your mobile, money and cosmetics. Here is where small and very useful bags come into the picture.

The perfect bag to go to a fancy event should be small and elegant, and the handbags that meet these requirements are the clutch bags.

For those who do not know what bag we are talking about, it is a small bags that you hold with your hand, and is usually rigid or semi rigid.

Different stars wearing clutch bags
Different stars wearing clutch bags

What size is a clutch-bag? the variety have increased nowadays, so they are available in all shapes and sizes. But the smaller it is, the more elegance and personality will bring to your wardrobe.

Clutch bags for Weddings

Choosing the perfect rigid bag to go to a wedding is essential to get a radiant and complete look. Sometimes it is difficult to choose, we have many options and we do not want to make a bad choice. So today we will see what kind of clutch bags are ideal to attend a fancy event, and give you some tricks to choose the best option.

1. If you wear dark colors, choose a bag that brings life to your look, for example a bright colored bag

2. If your dress has a print on it, your best option will be a discreet and plain clutch that goes unnoticed.

3. If it is a wedding at night choose a clutch of metallic or textured materials. Sequins, crystals and glitter fabrics will also be a good choice.

4. When a wedding is daytime the clutch with less sparkle and more discreet will be the best option.

5. Inside the clutch place only a few things. The lipstick, the mobile phone and the keys should be enough. The fewer things you carry in your bag, the better.

6. Combining the bag with the shoes is an option, sometimes a myth! It looks nice and it may be fine, but if this rule doesn’t apply to you, it is no a problem.

7. If you can choose, I recommend that you opt for a clutch with chain or handle, it will always be more bearable. If you do not have that option, remember that the best way to wear it is relaxing the arm and placing it underneath (or placing it in the form of a 90º angle)

Clutch bags for Brides

In 2016, it was said that the clutch was the new “bridal bouquet”. This was ideal for more unique brides who were looking for an alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet and who wanted to splurge elegance and glamour.

The handbag is a perfect complement to create a spectacular bridal look, since it is the quintessential party bag, the one that every woman carries to accompany her best outfit. It is a small accessory that combines shapes, colors and materials. In the case of bridal one it is very likely that it will be white.

Another option that you can contemplate is to wear a beautiful bridal bouquet during the ceremony, and later when it’s time to party, exchange it for a beautiful clutch.

Depending on the style of bride you are and the dress that you have chosen, you can choose some materials or others and even use the clutch to add a touch of color to your look.

As we mentioned, depending on the style of the bride you are, you have two options: opt for a completely white clutch to match your bridal look. Or, if you like to bring some contrast to your look, you can choose a clutch in silver, gold, print or pastel color, among many other options.

Defining your style with clutchs

You have a wide range of options, from the design and the format, to the fabric and the material: silk, velvet, beaded, rhinestones, embroidered, lace, embellishments, pearls, diamonds, feathers…and list goes on and on.

Take advantage of the style of your clutch to combine it with your jewelry, bridal shoes, or with your wedding belt. You can use it to match a part of your dress. For example, you can choose a clutch with the same lace used on your wedding dress.

Choose a clutch with pearls for a more classic bridal look; opt for the rhinestones for a look with extra glamour; opt for embroidery if you are going for a vintage look.

We know that the wedding dress is the star, but every detail matters.

Clutch bag for Graduation

You’ve worked very hard to reach this great goal, and the last thing you want is for you to go unnoticed in this special day.

During the day

For an evening party or a full day ceremony, you must choose the right style, the right dress design, the shoes that best match your outfit, the necessary accessories, the hairstyle… and don’t forget the clutch!

Nothing speaks better of your style than to choose the clutch that best integrates with the colors and design of your outfit. For example, if you have chosen an earth tone for your dress, such as brown, brick, ocher or terracotta, a clutch with a reptile or leopard faux skin will mark an incredible exotic and striking touch in your look.

During the night

If your outfit is for the evening and you chose a sober color, wear a clutch of a similar color, with metallic details or with sparkly rhinestones design. It will give you a touch of magic to your look . On the other hand, if your evening dress is full of sequins or eye-catching details, you can opt for a plain color clutch close to the color of your dress.

You should not forget that, in addition to that touch of sophistication and personality that your clutch will give you, it is also a very useful and functional accessory.

Which clutch bag to choose according to dress colors

Without a doubt, one of the most often questions is what colors to choose for your clutch according to your gown. And although this will depend a lot on the total look, the fabric, your personality, and the season, here is a small guide with combinations of tones that never fail.

The golden rule is always balance. That is, if your dress has a print in red, pink and green, with a predominantly red shade, our accessories should always be in one of the colors that it is not as predominant in the gown. In this case, pink or green.

Here we have some examples of great combinations:

– Clutch bag for blue dress: any shade of blue will be impressive with coral. However the navy blue combined with emerald green are a great couple as well.

– Clutch bag for mint dress: a very popular tone! This color goes great with fuchsias, lilacs or purples. Although nudes, silver or gold can be good options as well.

– Clutch bag for red dress: I think that same as black, red is the color that is most versatile to combine. The best known and most common are red and black, red and nude or red and gold, but I also like the result when combined with dark green or bottle green. And if you like to follow trends, the fuchsia-red will be your combination, or even red-orange.

– Clutch bag for black dress:  Besides being the color of sophistication by excellence, it allows you an infinite number of combinations: gold, nudes, red and green emerald or yellows. The sky is the limit.

– Clutch bag for yellow dress: a whole range of blues are a great option, but right now yellow-turquoise or yellow -purple combination are trendy. Also fuchsia is usually a suitable alternative.

– Clutch bag for green dress: in this case, gold-green or green-fuchsia always tends to be a very successful combination.

-Clutch bag for fuchsia dress: one of my favorite combinations is the fuchsia & black, but if you are a little more daring you will love the fuchsia and blue combo.

The clutches are very common for weddings and night events, and they bring the highest distinction and elegance to your wardrobe, but now they have also been incorporated in the day-to-day outfits, bringing some sort of sophistication to the most casual look. Distinguished, elegant, innovative and different, they have deserved a special place in our wardrobe.

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Necklaces for everyone!

When to wear necklaces?

Since centuries ago, jewelry has been used to enhance people overall look or to make a statement of status, specially necklaces. There are some basic timeless guidelines while trends come and go. There are things which are considered proper attire for each situation and you need to be aware choosing your jewelry accordingly to them.

The right jewelry accessories can take your outfit from boring to one that will get you all the attention. It is better to get noticed in a positive way. Of course, the right jewelry will help you project the fashion statement you want to make and enhance your overall look, but in the other hand, it might distract from your great personality or cheapen your appearance if you don’t choose it wisely.

Statement necklace and earrings with great dress
Statement necklace and earrings with great dress

We all want to wear accessories that sparkle and shine; but the key is to know when it is a good idea or not to do so. Some people say that “less is more”, but sometimes I disagree.

What necklaces are best for everyday wear?

There are some everyday jewelry items. Both a wedding band and a wristwatch, if keep time without a cellphone, are always acceptable. Not to mention a simple keepsake necklace, which you can wear most of the time.

In work environments, your jewelry must be simple and not distracting. Even if you want to show your personality , you might consider not offending the higher-ups or clients.

Moreover, you must consider the kind of office you are working in:

Conservative office: your outfit could be complemented with stud earrings and thin chain with small pendant necklaces.

Less conservative office: stud earrings are still an option or small hoops as long as they do not make noise with movement and do not sparkle too much. You can add some colors to necklaces but accessories’ size must remain on the small side.

More creative environment: larger earrings are acceptable, but always try to keep noise as low as possible. The same apply for bracelets and necklaces. Always keep in mind you do not want to be the person that everybody knows when you come down the hall. Also, try to avoid sparkly rhinestones in front of your coworkers and clients. Save those for after work!

Remember a very important rule of thumb: wear a watch or bracelet, a ring, a pair of earrings and a necklace. Something more is presumably too much for most work environment.

What necklaces go with a strapless dress?

Your most special jewelry must be reserved for formal events, which is the right time to be as elegant as you can be. It is better to showcase your best features with one piece of jewelry, instead of adding sparkle all over. If you are wearing a strapless dress with your hair up, some stunning crystal earrings will remark your face features. Also, you can redirect all the eyes to your face with a statement necklace instead.

Keep in mind that you are accessorizing your outfit with jewelry. Overall look could be overshadowed with too much jewels, even for a formal event.

Here are a few tips to remember for a formal event:

– Is the right moment to wear diamonds, pearls and other precious stones.

Do not overwhelm your appearance.

– Choose one statement necklace and downplay the rest of the accessories.

Great opportunity to wear a set. You can customize necklaces to match a pair of earrings.

One of the most asked questions about formal events is: “what type of necklace I should wear with such neckline?”

Types of necklines and necklaces

A deep V creates a blank space between plunging neckline and neck. It must be filled carefully with a staggered necklace length without overcrowding it.

In the other hand, a turtleneck should be brought to attention matching its minimalism style with statement necklaces, like a geometric choker for example.

The conservative simplicity of a crewneck allows you to play up with an elegant necklace that hits right at the collarbone. On the other hand, an open off-the-shoulder neckline leaves room to experiment. Great for a striking jewelry in oversized shapes or a strand of pearls.

As for button down or button up shirts, they give you the perfect chance to wear a peak of sparkly necklace.

Let’s not forget long necklaces. They help us balance an asymmetric neckline. We will also need a statement pendant to draw the eye center and down.

Necklaces for everyday wear

Friday nights, a friend’s party or hanging out with pals give us the opportunity to be more flexible. The right moment to clanging bracelets or blinding flashes lovers. But always remember that any jewelry excess will overshadow your amazing personality. These moments are special for necklaces to become the center of the scene.

As well as with dresses, there are some rules to wear necklaces with different clothes:

High cut shirts are the perfect backdrop for a long necklace. High necks, high-low silhouettes, and high collars give you a nicely proportioned look when paired with a long, dangling necklace.

While long necklaces might work with some long dresses or oversized sweaters, a good rule of thumb is to avoid long necklaces with long clothes. It can give one the look of drowning in their clothes at worst, and just look a little off at best. Long lines are better contrasted with shorter pieces, which is why long necklaces work best with multiple pieces such as tank tops and jeans, shorter skirts (at the knee or above!) and flowy tops, shirts, or blouses, or the like. If you’re planning on wearing a long dress, try sticking with short necklaces that come to rest below the clavicle or just above the chest for a look that really works.

A great way to wear long necklaces is to layer them. The layering effect looks nice on both casual and dressy outfits, and always adds a little something extra to your look. We have a number of pieces that can work well when layered together.

Rules to wear necklaces over the time

Going back a little, we must say that not all these rules were the same regarding jewelry. Many years ago many etiquette rules was really intimidating, but those have faded or morphed, as you can see below:

Today the rule about mixing metals is more flexible. You can wear any gold, silver and whatever other metal combination you like.

Women were only supposed to wear an engagement ring or wedding band on their left ring finger. Now you can wear rings whatever finger you want.

Nowadays you can mix real gemstones with faux stones, which was unacceptable years ago.

I hope you have enjoyed this article as I did writing it.

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Talking about earrings

What earrings should I get?

When you are styling your look, the key factor is “editing”. Do not feel the need to wear everything you have in your wardrobe. Keep in mind that earrings, necklaces and bracelets should complement your outfit, without overwhelming your dress silhouette and esthetic. First thing you need to know is which part of your outfit you would like to enhance.

Another important part of the whole outfit is your hairstyle. A high or side hairdo will give you the opportunity to show off statement earrings. In that case avoid wearing a statement necklace.

Defining your style

We have many variables to consider when you are trying to figure out how you’d like to look the day of your wedding, or purchasing jewelry for an important business dinner, or at a cocktail party.

Dress: in order to choose your jewelry accessories, the dress selection is really critical. Especially consider your neckline, since it will determine what kind of necklace will look best. A strapless gown for example looks fantastic with either statement earrings alone, or a statement necklace and small stud earrings. But bateau, illusion or high neck gowns do not leave space for necklaces. Earrings become more important and you can give them more relevance adding colors or increasing their size.

Hairstyle: 2018 is set to be a year of romantic, effortless luxe hair.

A touch of elegance and sophistication paired with something that says “you”. Your jewelry choice should be different for a high, side or low hairdo.

Jewelry: Why not choose the jewelry first and then plan the dress and hairstyle around that? This is one alternative, especially if you are considering a plain and simple dress to enhance your face.

Once you have a general idea of the whole outfit, we can as ourselves more specific questions. Like for example, what goes best with a black or white dress?

In general, when it comes to matching a black or white dress, just about anything goes. Think how formal or how casual you want to look. That is why jewelry selection deserves most of our attention.

There are a few things to consider when picking jewelry to wear with your black or white dress:

Smart casual events like a retirement party or dinner date: opt for elegant pendant necklaces, small and minimal earrings, dainty rings and thin chain bracelets.

More formal occasion, like weddings or black tie events: add some sparkle. Consider wearing fine, tasteful, high quality jewelry. You might consider personalized jewelry or matching sets.


As far as color goes, almost everything goes with black. Red, tan and white work well as well as rich colors like fuchsia, yellow and cobalt blue. All of them can be set in both silver and gold metal finish to complete your look according to your preference.

However it is a good idea to avoid navy blue or brown and all those washed out hues that do not complement black dresses.

Dazzling white is a striking alternative when you are looking for an eye-catching way to stand out. White glammed-out options are virtually endless.



Gold, rose gold, and silver are metals than elegantly finish a white cocktail dress look. If your frock has embellishment, perhaps the metal color of your jewelry could match those. On the other hand, if the dress is plain, the sky is the limit. Dangle rose gold earrings or a silver necklace are going to make your look refined. Just add rhinestones, pearls or AB-crystals to add more glam.

It is also a great idea wearing colorful stones like jade green earrings, or dangle red earrings, especially if you match them with a clutch bag or your shoes.

What earrings to wear with hair down?

Definitely, the right option in this case is wearing stud cluster instead of dangle. Dangle are not so comfortable since they might get caught in your hair.

Also, the dress neckline will give you the opportunity to complement it with a necklace, or you can add some sparkle in the hairstyle with some jewelry hairpins or combs.

What earrings to wear with off the shoulder neckline?

This is a great chance to highlight the zone of your face and neck. That is why earrings become in stars of our jewelry. It is really important to take care about the shape of your face and selecting the most appropriate earring form to complement or enhance it.

Round faces goes better with long earrings and straight lines instead of long and narrow faces that must wear round stud or danglers.

In case you have a square face, then you should go for earrings that are medium to long in length; that means you can go for any kind although you might want to stay away from square studs.

Finally, those who have oval faces can pull off any kind of them.

What earrings to wear for wedding?

We are big fans of wearing personalize or customized jewelry for your wedding. That is why you can design and adjust every detail according to the rest of your outfit (dress, hairstyle, hair accessories, and shoes).


Usually, jewelry designers work closely with dress designers and hairstylists as a team. This favors the communication between each other providing the best overall results for you.

And lastly, you can also match the jewelry set and hair accessories using same colors, stone style and designs patterns.